Independent projects that fit into the Biennale’s scope due to their relevance, innovation and conceptual logic, the Tangents attest to the vitality of the Portuguese creative community and Lisbon’s position as a hotbed for boundary-pushing cultural practice. This edition, EXD’11 hosts a record number of over 60 Tangents.
The number of projects that reflect or incorporate a strong feature of research or critical debate indicate the growing focus on new content generation - material and immaterial - through participatory platforms.

colectivo JOIO

29 SEP – 27 NOV
Lounging Space

La Clinica
Ciszak Dalmas

29 SEP – 27 NOV
Lounging Space


1 – 31 OCT
Fabrico Infinito

Les Choses
Sam Baron & Co

28 SEP – 5 OCT
Sam Baron & Co

Pedro Sottomayor

30 SEP – 5 NOV
WHO Galeria

Joana Guedes Cabrita Martins

30 SEP – 27 NOV
Fábrica do Braço de Prata

Liminoid Ecologies
Filipa Valente

29 SEP – 27 NOV
Loja gourmet Nuts&Spices

Linha Branca
Made Out Portugal

29 SEP – 27 NOV
Lounging Space

Lisbon - It’s Useless To Show You
Mariana Fernandes, Fabrica

1 – 29 OCT
Fabrica Features Lisboa

Luxury Design
Sílvia Tundidor

28 SEP – 27 NOV
Ourivesaria Sarmento

Luzes de cidades
Fernando Miguel Marques

7 OCT – 11 NOV
Academia de Ciências