Socially and politically engaged design today

Edited by Magnus Ericson and Ramia Mazé
An Iaspis book release

Presentation and Debate

“DESIGN ACT Socially and politically engaged design today – critical roles and emerging tactics” is a project that presents and discusses contemporary design practices that engage with political and social issues. Itself an example of applied critical thinking and experimental tactics, the process behind the DESIGN ACT project is considered as a curatorial, participatory and open-ended activity. The DESIGN ACT book complements the project, presenting historical and contemporary perspectives, a discussion of emerging themes and tactics, and platforms discussing the role of designers today. The book is produced by “Iaspis” in collaboration with the Interactive Institute, copublished by Sternberg Press in 2011, and edited by Magnus Ericson and Ramia Mazé.
30 Sep — 18:00

Lounging Space
Antigo Tribunal da Boa-Hora
Largo da Boa-Hora, 13
1200-062 Lisboa

Subway: Linha Azul, Linha Verde – Baixa-Chiado
Bus: Terreiro do Paço – 36/ 44/ 709/ 711/ 714/ 732/ 740/ 745/ 759/ 760/ 781/ 782/ 790/ 794/
Tram: 28E

Free Admission