Eye for an eye


Eye for an eye is an insight into hedonist consumption. The relationship between capital and goods is fading, and money loses its value and regular use to instead celebrate itself as an object-ofpleasure, per se. Vending machines, by their very nature excessive objects, idealized and oriented towards momentary surprise – a substitute for the boredom of consumption – are infantile symbols of a thriving economy that is still thirsty for more objects to own. Eye for an eye underlines the futility of this machine, its use and the symbolism of money.

29 Sep – 27 Nov

Lounging Space
Antigo Tribunal da Boa-Hora
Largo da Boa-Hora, 13
1200-062 Lisboa

Sun–Wed 10:00–22:00
Thu–Sat, eve of Public Holiday 10:00–02:00

Subway: Linha Azul, Linha Verde – Baixa-Chiado
Bus: Terreiro do Paço – 36/ 44/ 709/ 711/ 714/ 732/ 740/ 745/ 759/ 760/ 781/ 782/ 790/ 794/
Tram: 28E

Free Admission

28 SEP