Vídeo Home System
POGO - Ruy Otero, Bruno Cecílio e Fernando Fadigas

Theatre/ concert/ exhibition/ instalation/ design

An event that brings together several artistic areas around the visual culture of the VHS system that marked the 80s. Curated by Ruy Otero, Bruno Cecílio and Fernando Fadigas, Video Home System (VHS) is the result of a creative process based on a dialogue between more than 40 Portuguese artists of different generations. The program combines permanent content - an exhibition-installation in the areas outside the movie theater – with single sessions and premieres of short films, video-screening sessions, stage performances, as well as concerts of experimental music and jazz. VHS closes with a conference connected to the sub-theme of the event - Civil disobedience – in the perspective of the performing arts and their current languages.
até 2 Oct

Espaço Nimas
Av. 5 Outubro 42B


Subway: Saldanha
Bus: 21/ 36/ 44/ 45/ 49/ 83/ 90/ 91/ 718/ 727/ 732/ 738/ 742/

Free Admission