Carlos Nuno Oliveira
Carlos Nuno Oliveira

A graduate in Systems Engineering and Computer Science from Minho University, he participated in the Advanced Management in Telecommunications and Information Technologies Program of the Portuguese Catholic University. In 2006 he was awarded the Order of Merit by the President of the Republic and is currently Vice Chairman of the Minho Industrial Association. In 2000, along with 3 partners, he founded MobiComp, a company that would become famous, especially in Asian markets, thanks to their applications for smartphones and mobile phones.

In 2008, the very successful MobiComp was sold to Microsoft. After that, he led the Microsoft's Research and Mobility Development Center in Braga. In December 2010 he left Microsoft and currently holds positions in different companies: a partner of Pathena (investment company in information technology) and founder and chairman of the board of Cardmobili (mobile services provider), he is also director of the Center of Excellence in Dematerialisation of Transactions (CEDT), which defines itself as a competence network of scientific and technological companies and entities in this field.

1st Creative Economy Symposium