Luís Ferreira
Luís Ferreira

Born in Tomar in 1983. Graduated in Industrial Design by ESAD.CR in 2006. As producer at experimentadesign he is in charge of EXD’11 and Palacio Quintela. In 2009 he was a producer at EXD’09 Lisboa being responsible for the exhibition “Pace of Design” and the projects “Action for Age” and “Efeito D”.

At the same time he also heads the coordination and the production of the Design project “Experimenta o campo 06/09” where privilege is given to local development and the creation of new objects according to traditional techniques. Director and Production Coordinator for the music festival BONS SONS, in Cem Soldos, Tomar.

Between 2006 and 2008 he worked as Cultural producer and Design Coordinator at CENTA (Center for the study of new artistic tendencies). Works regularly as a freelance Designer for independent projects.

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