The Lounging Space is the heart of the Biennale and its main visitor interface. Following the EXD tradition, the Lounging Space is housed in buildings that are little known or frequented by the audience at large, despite their considerable architectural and historical interest or heritage value. This year, the Lounging’s dynamic is further intensified by the enormous potential of the building it inhabits, the Antigo Tribunal da Boa-Hora. Originally built as a convent in 1633, it would function as Lisbon’s main courthouse for 165 years, until as recently as 2009. Centrally located in downtown Lisbon and boasting a unique atmosphere, the Lounging Space is the perfect spot for fulfilling experiences and exchanges, an ever-changing venue to rediscover daily.

This key hotspot it serves as a platform for interaction with both individuals and content, through a specific programme, which runs for 61 days. Flexible and multidisciplinary, it integrates events of different sizes and areas in the broad spectrum of the Biennale, involving a growing network of partners.

Part of the programme takes place in multipurpose rooms, one of which is fully equipped with an audiovisual equipment, where themed discussions, workshops, meetings and presentations take place. In addition to these specific features, the Programme includes permanent initiatives.

As a result of its visibility and vitality, the Lounging has been eagerly sought as a place to host Tangents as well as special projects by Biennale partners.

Multipurpose Room 3
  Education Service Room
Colors 79 - Collector
Sam Baron

PIN Anonimum
PIN - Associação de Joalharia Contemporânea


Projeto coração/ razão
Gregory Brunisholz/ Anaide Davoudlarian

Step into my office
Gonçalo Campos

Edition of Six
Edition of Six

Colectivo JOIO

Oficina do Cego
Oficina do Cego
Set-up design Luís Ferreira/ Assisted by Renata Candeias/

Photo: © 2011, EXD'11/ Rodrigo Peixoto


In the heart of downtown Lisbon, in Chiado, the sprawling 18th century building that houses the Biennale’s Lounging Space now offers an additional feature: the best eats and tretas courtesy of Cafetaria O Bicaense, now in charge of the catering.

You can soak up the incomparable atmosphere of this space on the outside seating area along the cloisters or in the quaint room whose decoration draws from the history and material legacy of the building, Lisbon’s leading courthouse until 2009.

To enjoy this Fall, Cafetaria O Bicaense has just debuted a new menu of light meals, snacks and beverages that includes fresh juices and sandwiches, home-made soups, gourmet grilled sandwiches and salads. Late afternoon specials range from a palette of teas and hot chocolate to home made muffins and poppy seed cake.

On the weekends, the Lounging Space evening programme offers djsets. On Sunday afternoon, don’t miss out the activities and lively entertainment for kids.

Bookings accepted for group dinners and lunches (t. +351 938 224 482)

Cafetaria O Bicaense
Sun-Wed: 12h-22h
Thur-Sat: 12h-02h

November Programme

18:00 — Performance
23:00 — dj Lucky


Utilitarian and decorative objects, jewellery, books and products by traditional Portuguese brands: in the Useless shop you can find a wide range of items including pieces by Portuguese and foreign designers represented in EXD’11. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire some exclusive items from this and former Biennale editions, such as catalogues, t-shirts and posters.


Sidelines Pass for sale at Lounging Space store only. Valid until 27 Nov.

The opportunity to acquire the publication dedicated to the EXD'11 theme featuring a multilayered exploration of Useless.
29 Sept – 27 Nov

Antigo Tribunal da Boa-Hora
Largo da Boa-Hora, 13
1200-062 Lisboa

Sun–Wed 10:00–22:00
Thu–Sat, eve of Public Holiday 10:00–02:00

Subway: Linha Azul, Linha Verde – Baixa-Chiado
Bus: Terreiro do Paço – 36/ 44/ 709/ 711/ 714/ 732/ 740/ 745/ 759/ 760/ 781/ 782/ 790/ 794/
Tram: 28E

Free Admission

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