Luís Serpa
Luís Serpa

Luís Serpa graduated in Architecture from ESBAL and in Industrial Design and Museology from the Univ. Int dell'Arte, with a specialization in Exhibition Spaces and Architecture of Museums. Luís Serpa was a fellow in Italy with a Calouste Gulbenkian scholarship (1979-1982). He developed an Art Gallery model (Gallery CÓMICOS_LUÍS SERPA Projects) which is considered a case study, as it systematically combines interdisciplinary projects including painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, photography and video, design and architecture. Through the O MUSEU TEMPORÁRIO (the temporary museum), a cultural engineering project, Luís Serpa has assumed the role of Cultural Project Manager (Programer), working in the capacity of Curator, Public Relations and Strategic Planner for Institutions and Companies in contemporary art programs, corporate identity and creative industries. He is also the founder of INDUSCRIA_Plataform For Creative Industries (since 2009).

1st Creative Economy Symposium