Marcelo Rosenbaum
Marcelo Rosenbaum

Marcelo Rosenbaum is the Brazilian designer who founded the Rosenbaum® studio in São Paulo, about twenty years ago. Consisting of a group of experts in complementary areas, such as designers, architects or media professionals, the studio develops projects in the areas of design and innovation, creating value from original ideas.

For Rosenbaum®, the synthesis of work thought process is the concept of LIVING (MORAR), beyond the physical space and object aesthetics, together with Brazilianness, a prominent feature in the studio’s production. For Marcelo Rosenbaum, the thought process exists in the work as a tool for useful, a concept he dubbed “Useful Design” and that is always present in his projects. Currently, he is a creator, for the sixth season, of Lar Doce Lar from the tv program Caldeirão do Huck (Globo TV) and appears in lecture cycles for different professional markets.

His work has been published in several international media and he was considered by the French Architectural Digest as one of the “TOP 80” designers in the world.

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