Maria Ana Botelho Neves
Maria Ana Botelho Neves

Lives in London since 2002, where she has managed companies, obtained a Master in Design and Branding Strategy at Brunel University in 2006-07 and is currently Associate Professor of Innovation Management Master of Central St Martins University of the Arts, a member of the Human Centred Design Institute, a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society of the Arts), and member of the Institute of Directors and Packaging Society. In the last 3 years she founded the London YNOT, a platform for business projects design, branding and social innovation; founded The Thinking Hotel ®, a social innovation project; co-created and manages the Plan Zheroes, an initiative of citizen participation responding the challenges of food waste, selected as one of 15 Leaders in London 2011 and elected for funding by RSA’s Catalyst program.

Among others, she has also been involved in research projects such as the Happiness Bus, a project of social innovation Transport for London, seeking solutions for creating inclusive experiences on buses for disabled users. Her passion for packaging and waste disposal (zero waste) led her to investigate responses to non-waste production and a new generation of non-waste packaging, as a system of creation of economic value and returns in the "non-creation" of waste: Negowaste. As a result, she was invited to be jury of the Grocer Green-Award, key-note speaker at various conferences on sustainability and innovation, to write papers, and became a member of Metadesigners Open Network.

Previously, Maria Ana managed the DesignPlus, a platform for knowledge transfer that aims to connect SMEs, Design and Academic knowledge; was one of the 25 independent consultants who collaborated with the Design Council and Skills Alliance, defining competencies and skills of the profession of Design in the UK; has developed and managed the Sorema SA operation in the UK, a Portuguese textile company, and contributed to the company's strategic change, particularly in achieving a leadership position in the retail chains sector market; has worked 3 years in training in Portugal; founded and managed a business of educational materials in Portugal from 1999 to 2009, the GC&C Ltda; worked 10 years in advertising, where she created the concept and character "Vitinho", among other initiatives such as national campaigns for changing attitude and promoting "special" people, the “Ludoteca” (toy libraries) movement in Portugal, and other projects of social innovation.

Her passions are people, change, innovation and design, and her dream is to participate in the creation of organizations and quality societies for all, in which the 3 essential capitals (social, creative and financial) are balanced in the construction of collective responses of value creation. In addition to the Master in Design, she is also an Auditing Excellence (ExAudit) accredited of Tom Peters, and HBDI.

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