Richard Tarvin
Richard Tarvin

Richard joined ingredient™ as a Managing Director in 2011, in part to manage the rapid growth of its international business where today over 90% of income is generated. Richard was previously Managing Director of a FTSE listed company for 5 years following its acquisition in 2006 of his own Financial Services Company which he founded in 1996. Richard’s entrepreneurial success and proven ability in managing and growing a global business aligns well with the expansion of ingredient (one of Europe’s most revered creative production companies) into an emerging world.

Richard previously spent over 10 years in the music industry both as a qualified audio engineer/producer and a session musician. He has worked in many of Australia’s top recording studios and participated in the production of multiple radio and TV commercials and production sound tracks. He also worked for a brief period as camera operator and film editor at a North Sydney studio. Richard was educated at the University of New South Wales, where he received a Bachelor of Science with first class honours in Neurophysiology. He consequently received a Commonwealth Post Graduate Doctoral Scholarship to pursue a PhD in Neurophysiology, whereupon he spent three years in medical research and had numerous papers published in British and American medical journals. He later earned an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management in 1992. He is an FSA registered representative and a Justice of the Peace.

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