Simon Myers
Simon Myers

Simon Myers is one of the UK’s leading brand consultants. He is CEO of Figtree, one of the world’s top brand consultancies that he co-founded in 2004. They have been instrumental in the recent success of Asia’s fastest growing brand, HTC. After graduating from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1992, Simon worked for the BBC World Service for one year before resigning to head to China. He joined the Swire Group in Hong Kong and was soon in Beijing helping to set up the Carlsberg operation at the height of the ‘beer wars’ of the 1990’s. A Mandarin speaker, Simon was then made Sales and Marketing Director of a Coca-Cola operation in Henan, a province of 80 million. In 1999 Simon, along with four others, became the first people to drive a Chinese motorbike from Beijing to London. Simon joined Interbrand, one of the worlds biggest brand consultancies, helping large companies adapt, change and develop their brand.

He worked all over Europe before realising clients were looking for a different type of brand service, setting up Figtree in 2004 with a former colleague. Simon has worked with senior management across different sectors; telecoms (Orange, BlackBerry, HTC), charities (Amnesty, Catch22) architecture (Arup, Fosters), wealth management (Charles Stanley) as well as wine brokers, yacht makers and electric cars. Simon is a published author (Adrift in China, Summersdale, 2002), speaks Mandarin and French and now lives in London. He comments frequently on brand related issues and is currently writing a book called The Generous Organisation on what makes organisations successful in the new socio-economic order.

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