Reconsidering design

The workshop Bright Minds, Beautiful Ideas, under the commission of the Dutch designer Ed Annink, starts up on the 19 May in co-production with the Centro Cultural de Belém - Museu do Design, gathering senior and graduated students from Portugal, Spain, Holland and North America.
It is the first action of the Educational Service of ExperimentaDesign 2003 - Lisbon Biennale.

The students involved come from the following educational institutions, and have been selected by the respective co-ordinators of the design departments:
Pratt Institute (New York); Design Academy of Eindhoven; ELISAVA - Escola Superior de Disseny (Barcelona); FBAUL - Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa; IADE - Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing, Lisbon; ESAD - Escola Superior de Arte e Design, Oporto; Universidade de Aveiro; ESTGAD - Escola Superior de Tecnologia, Gestão, Arte e Design, Caldas da Rainha.
The five days of work in Lisbon will be guided by the designers Martí Guixé (Spain) and Jurgen Bey (Holland).

The workshop ends on the 23 May and it precedes and prepares the exhibition Bright Minds, Beautiful Ideas, which brings together the work of four paradigmatic, classic, and contemporary designers, round the idea of pleasure associated to thought, diffusion and consumption of design: Charles and Ray Eames (USA, 1907-1978 and 1912-1988), Bruno Munari (Italy, 1907-1998), and the above mentioned Guixé and Bey.

Ed Annink thus summarises the profile of the work to develop during these next five days:
"An overloaded market, subjects in permanent mutation, brands that blend and merge, global economy down and local cultures up: such is the context of this workshop. It is high time to reconsider the role of the designer and the value and meanings of design."
The briefing developed by Martí Guixé and Jurgen Bey for this workshop comes forth with a line of creation for new objects of design based on the reuse of domestic waste.
Those new utensils and tools will be conceptually developed and formalised on paper or paper models.

The work resulting from the workshop will be exhibited daily in the display cabinet "glass cube" at the main entrance of the CCB.
On Thursday, 22 May, the journalists Paul Makovsky (Metropolis Magazine, New York) and Ineke Schwartz (freelancer) will join the group.
The workshop is supported by Jcomputers.
The closing ceremony will be held on Friday, 23 May, at 11 p.m., in the Pavilhão Preto of the Museu da Cidade.

Beyond Consumption

The national presentation of ExperimentaDesign 2003 - Lisbon Biennale was held on Tuesday, 29 April in the foyer of Cinema São Jorge, in Lisbon.
The Minister of Culture, Pedro Roseta, and the Councillor for Culture of the City Hall of Lisbon, Maria Manuel Pinto Barbosa attended the event.
During the function, the subject of the Biennale for 2003 was introduced - "Beyond Consumption" - as well as the programme composed by 15 events, such as exhibitions, conferences, workshops and cycles.

To open the session, in front of an audience of about 800 guests, the Director of ExperimentaDesign Guta Moura Guedes pointed out the fact that this year the Biennale is supported by three essential axes: the Ministry of Culture through the Operational Programme for Culture; the City Hall of Lisbon; and the investment under the form of private sponsoring assured by Renault Portuguesa, JCDecaux, and Super Bock (UNICER). These companies were represented by their Chairpersons, respectively Philippe Dauger, Ruy Vieira and Manuel Ferreira de Oliveira.

In the closing speech, the Minister Pedro Roseta emphasised the importance of ExperimentaDesign - Lisbon Biennale for Portugal, understanding this event as a critical factor for the progress of culture and a privileged space for the assertion of new talents. The Minister also mentioned the importance of one of the main novelties of ExperimentaDesign: The Educational Service.

Pedro Santana Lopes was present in the São Jorge at the cocktail which closed the presentation, as well as several representatives of the institutional and private partners of the Biennale, among which, Philippe Mayer, President of the V.I.A. who purposely came from Paris to the event.

The presentation day of EXD03 also marked the opening of the new version of the website.


ExperimentaDesign 2003 - Lisbon Biennale is presented today at 7 p.m. in the foyer of the Cinemas São Jorge, in Lisbon. The event announces the subject and the programme of this year's edition.

The Minister of Culture, Pedro Roseta, and the Councillor for Culture of the City Hall of Lisbon, Maria Manuel Pinto Barbosa take part in the presentation.
The main sponsors of the Biennale will be represented by Jaime Manuel Ferreira de Oliveira from UNICER/Super Bock, Philippe Dauger from Renault Portuguesa and Ruy Vieira from JCDecaux.
The panel also includes the presence of the directors of ExperimentaDesign: Guta Moura Guedes, João Paulo Feliciano and Pedro Gadanho.

The Mayor of the City Hall of Lisbon, Pedro Santana Lopes, will join the presentation after a press conference.

To complete the information concerning the programme, other speakers will also be present, such as Delfim Sardo, director of the Exhibition Centre of the Centro Cultural de Belém; Robert Ness, director of the British Council, co-producer of the Lisbon Biennale; Marc Pottier, director of the Institut Franco-Portugais, also a co-producer of the Lisbon Biennale; and Phiippe A. Mayer, chairperson of the VIA - Association pour la Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement (Paris), who purposely comes to Lisbon for the presentation of ExperimentaDesign2003.
Some of the creators invited for the third edition of the Biennale will also be present.

ExperimentaDesign 2003 - Lisbon Biennale opens on the 17 September and closes on the 2 November.