The book "PAOLO DEGANELLO, As Razões do Meu Projecto Radical" ("PAOLO DEGANELLO, The Reasons for My Radical Project), coordinated by Maria Milano was launched last Thursday, November 12. This is the first monograph to focus on the work of the Italian architect who was one of the founders of 60s radical design movement "Grupo Archizoom Associati".

The chair of Experimenta, Guta Moura Guedes and Enrico Baleri, designer and head of Baleri Italia presented "PAOLO DEGANELLO, As Razões do Meu Projecto Radical", at the invitation of the books coordinator, architect and lecturer Maria Milano. The event's guest of honor was Paolo Deganello himself who, in 1999, was one of the participants of the first edition of Experimentadesign. On that occasion, and after an hiatus of over 20 years, the living members of Archizoom met once again for what would be one of the highlights of EXD'99, the exhibition and debate "Archizoom Today".

The launch of "PAOLO DEGANELLO, As Razões do Meu Projecto Radical", took place at the B-Flat Jazz Club, in Leça da Palmeira, 19h, an initiative by the Art and Design School ESAD Matosinhos and the Matosinhos Municipality.


During the five days of the Opening Week EXD09 Lisbon attracted over 18,000 visitors from Portugal and across the globe.

Conferences, debates, urban interventions and exhibition openings, a total of 67 events, including the nuclear exhibitions and the Parallel Events marked the beginning of the Biennale in Lisbon for 5 unstoppable days. A significant number of visitors, including students, specialists, entrepreneurs, directors and curators, critics, and the general public, more than 18,000 people, gathered in Lisbon to listen to and see the proposals of the 258 invited participants, from 23 countries, putting Lisbon at the center of the world of design and design culture.

In addition to the main events, the launch and inauguration of 52 parallel events took place from 9 to 13 September, in areas such as: product design, communication, urban planning, architecture, video and visual arts.

The opening of the Lounging Space was one of the main events of the biennale. Located between the Bairro Alto and Príncipe Real, the Lounging Space occupies Palácio Braamcamp, a charming house from the nineteenth century. Every day, it offers its visitors: exhibitions, parallel events, bookstore, coffee-shop and a bar lounge which extends over a terrace with a magnificent view over the river and winter garden. An everyday spot not to be missed.


The Foundation Sindika Dokolo is an Angolan cultural institution based in Luanda, responsible for the Triennial of Luanda, with a mission to expose the African contemporary artistic work and link worldwide arts to Africa.

Guta Moura Guedes, director of EXD was invited by the organization of the Triennale of Luanda to present the biennale EXD'09, highlighting the importance of integrating Lisbon and Portugal in the circuit of major international events dedicated to contemporary creativity.

On 28 July and in the framework of this invitation, at a press conference held at UNAP – União Nacional do Artistas Plásticos (National Union of Plastic Artists) in Luanda, Guta Moura Guedes announced the interest of narrowing artistic partnership with the Sindika Dokolo Foundation to further the joint cooperation in the development of projects and activities of mutual disclosure.

She also announced that the project "Luanda: Anatomy of Speed" – commissioned by the Luanda Triennale, produced in partnership with EXD'09 – is part of the biennale's programme taking place in Lisbon from 9 September to 8 November.

This conference is part of a vast programme developed by the Sindika Dokolo Foundation, which cover a wide scope of cultural events in the areas of theatre, music, visual arts, cinema and literature, among others.


On the 23 July the detailed programme of EXD'09 was announced to the press at the Altis Belém Hotel & Spa, an associated brand, with the presence of partners, sponsors, designers and Portuguese and international media. With a dynamic and multidisciplinary programme that brings together exhibitions, urban interventions, lectures and debates, the theme of this edition – "It's About Time" – is guaranteed to shake Lisbon.

Guta Moura Guedes, director of EXD, was present together with several representatives of the official partners of the biennale EXD'09, namely Ms. Isabel Calado of Galp Energia, Ms. Suzana Pereira of Caixa Geral de Depósitos and Mr. Rui Martinho of Seguros Tranquilidade.

Guta Moura Guedes marked the 10 years of EXD emphasizing the commitment with which EXD has developed and strengthened ties and partnerships with institutions in the areas of design, architecture and contemporary cultural production over the years. The different events were announced and described to the guests, who will concentrate on the dimension of time in design, architecture, society and the world. She also highlighted the record of planned events: 77 spread over several sites and emblematic neighborhoods of Lisbon (Bairro Alto, Prince Real, Alcantara, Belém, Santos, etc.) and 258 participants from 23 countries.

Finally, Guta Moura Guedes underlined the privilege of working with institutional partners, sponsors, brands and associated institutions in the development and support of projects in the context of the biennale EXD'09, bring added value and increased responses in the areas of sustainability, responsibility and social insertion.

Speeches from other members of the board focused on the importance of partnerships in search of joint solutions and services in the areas of design and architecture, given the various problems affecting the people and the world today.

Each of the partners outlined the main topics of the various partnerships with EXD: Fundação Galp Energia promotes an international competition for a cycling and pedestrian bridge over one of Lisbon's main arteries, promoting a sustainable mobility solution; Caixa Geral de Depósitos is a partner to the Open Talks, holding debates aimed at a specific audience (students, professionals, critics and opinion makers); Companhia de Seguros Tranquilidade is a partner in the Action For Age Project.


ExperimentaDesign launched a worldwide Call for Entry inviting design savvy individuals and groups to submit a twenty second (20'') video to stand a chance to win special passes to EXD'09 Lisboa.

EXD is looking for daring creative work for its first ever Video Competition. Submitted works must reflect the Biennale's spirit and convey a particular vision of the theme for EXD'09: It's About Time. The winning video would have also considered the look and feel of the communication for EXD'09 Lisboa created by Creative Director Ian Anderson. And will be featured as part of the EXD'09 communication campaign.

The author(s) of the winning video will be awarded all access passes to the Opening Week of EXD'09 in Lisbon including accommodation. EXD will also shortlist 5 runners-up who will receive all access passes to the biennale.

EXD is inclusive of various creative agents and disciplines presenting a bespoke programme for each edition. In this unique and inclusive spirit, the 20'' Video Competition was established. To enhance international participation the competition is open worldwide to professionals and students over 18 years of age. The competition will be judged by Ian Anderson and members of the EXD communication team.

Submission deadline is 10 July 2009.
For detailed information, conditions and rules visit:


From 9 September to 8 November, the Biennale of design, architecture and creativity will once again shake the city of Lisbon with a stimulating and multidisciplinary programme which marks its 10th anniversary.

As in other years, EXD'09 challenges energetic and committed volunteers that are passionate about design, architecture and contemporary culture to participate in the achievement of this edition and to closely get to know the contents and its participant, the creators, curators and lecturers, particularly during the Opening Week (9 to 13 September).

The positions to be filled are: exhibition set-up assistants; exhibitions ushers and assistants; exhibition tour guides. Profiles of each candidate and the descriptive function are available in www.experimentadesign.pt

This collaboration includes a pre-event period (about two weeks), as well as the duration of the Biennale (9 September to 8 November), with the support of the IPJ – Instituto Português da Juventude.

Applications should be sent to edu@experimentadesign.pt until 30 June 2009.


Promoted by the Portuguese Consulate General in Barcelona, "Portugal Convida" is weeklong celebration of Portuguese culture taking place in the Catalonian capital. This year, Guta Moura Guedes, director of ExperimentaDesign, is participating in the conference series "The Arts and the City", held at Centro de Cultura Contemporânea de Barcelona, on June 9, 10 and 11.

Featuring a roster of leading figures in the Portuguese art world – architect Eduardo Souto Moura, photographer Fernando Guerra, curator João Pinharanda, visual artist Xana and Guta Moura Guedes – these panel discussions aim to promote Portuguese creative reflection and production in Barcelona, one of the most dynamic cultural hubs in the Iberian Peninsula.

Guta Moura Guedes is taking part in the third panel debate on "Design and the Experience of Space" together with Catalonian designer Martin Ruiz de Azua.

This conference series is part of "Portugal Convida", which, for the third consecutive year, hosts a diversified programme of events in Barcelona, starring contemporary Portuguese creatives in the areas of music, film, visual arts and gastronomy. Slated for this edition are also performances by fado singer Kátias Guerreiro and Real Combo Lisbonense, a Portuguese film series and an ephemeral sculpture by artist Xana.

Portugal Convida'09 takes place in Barcelona, from June 8 to 14, coinciding with the commemorations of June 10, Portugal's National Day.


ExperimentaDesign Lisboa 2009 announces the launch of its blog, a plural communication platform dedicated to the development of this edition's programme themed: "It's About Time".

The blog will document the exchange of ideas, debates and insights over time – a public timeline of inspirations, provocations and reflexive perspectives on design and time, which the audience is invited to contribute to. The blog's first contributors are the curators of EXD'09 exhibitions (Tulga Beyerle, Hans Maier-Aichen, Emily King) and a group guest design critics and designers (Max Bruinsma, Ian Anderson, Frederico Duarte, Mário Moura and Luís Royal).

Join this forum for discussion and reflection: http://www.experimentadesign.pt/2009/blog/


The official presentation of EXD'09 programme took place on 20 April, at Estufa Fria in Lisbon, where the Biennale will be held from 9 September to 8 November. Under the theme "It's About Time", this edition will take an insight at time as matter, a resource and a challenge, also addressing the issue of urgency and call to action underlying in the theme.

Guta Moura Guedes, director of EXD, shared the presidency table with the maximum representatives of the Biennale's institutional partners, namely the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Mr. Manuel Pinho; the Minister of Culture, Mr. José António Pinto Ribeiro; the Lisbon Mayor, Mr. António Costa and Mr. António Mexia, the Chief Executive Officer of EDP - Energias de Portugal, the official sponsor of EXD'09.

Guta Moura Guedes outlined the general EXD'09 programme, consisting of 4 main exhibitions, the well-known Lisbon Conferences, lectures and film series. The Special Projects will also be highlighted in this edition, with different initiatives taking place in several formats. On the year of its 10th anniversary, the Biennale focuses on pressing issues such as urban rehabilitation, sustainability and social responsibility, with a special emphasis on the contribution of design and the creative subjects in finding solutions and strategies of integrated response.

The remaining interventions focused on the role of dynamic design and creative industries in the reaction of economic agents and civil society against a scenario of crisis. It was also highlighted the importance of establishing partnerships and networks for sustainability of cultural initiatives.

The presentation ended with the informal performance of Pho-Ku Sound System, a.k.a. Ian Anderson, a dj-set which created an intimate atmosphere in the surrounding natural landscape of Estufa Fria. More than 300 people were present at this event, from private partners and co-producers of the Biennale to several members of the Portuguese creative community and national and international journalists.


Peter Zumthor / Photo: Miro Kuzmanovic/miromedia.net images

The Swiss Peter Zumthor is the 2009 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate, in recognition of his unique work, which starred in the Warm-Up ExperimentaDesign Lisboa 2009.

Between September and November 2008, the city of Lisbon was honoured to host the first international presentation of his major retrospective "Peter Zumthor – Buildings and Projects 1986-2007". Attracting 16.100 visitors, the exhibition also hosted 76 guided tours organized by Experimenta's Education Service for 1540 students from 35 Portuguese schools and universities. Foremost in the Education Service's activities was "Peter Zumthor as seen by…" a series of tours by renowned Portuguese specialists from different generations who shared their insights into Zumthor's work with a mixed audience of Portuguese and foreign visitors.

On September 6, Zumthor delivered a lecture to an international crowd of 1652 enthusiasts who sold out Aula Magna, one of Lisbon's largest and most prestigious lecture halls. Conceived especially for this occasion, Zumthor's lecture touched upon the guidelines of his creative process, project development and underlying reflection, in which time plays a key role.

Featured in the Warm-Up, these events launched the Biennale's theme for 2009 "It's About Time", one year ahead, in a bid to involve the general audience in the ongoing reflection.

ExperimentaDesign congratulates the 2009 Pritzker Laureate, Peter Zumthor, whose built work is acknowledged and celebrated as having "produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built environment through the art of architecture", in the words of the Pritzker jury.


On the year of its 10th anniversary, ExperimentaDesign returns to Lisbon next September with a lively programme around the theme "It's About Time". For this occasion, EXD'09 is establishing a protocol with Altis Hotels, a renowned Portuguese chain with several hotels in the Portuguese capital. The protocol's signature ceremony took place on April 14, 18 pm, in the brand-new Altis Belém Hotel & Spa. Guta Moura Guedes, Director of ExperimentaDesign and Raúl Martins, General Manager of Altis Hotels Group, signed the protocol, which officially establishes Altis as Associated Brand of ExperimentaDesign Lisboa 2009.

Apart from welcoming Biennale participants and events such as press conferences and meets, Altis Hotels will also offer special packages and rates for EXD'09 visitors, from Portugal as well as aboard, especially from Spain.

In key locations across Lisbon, Altis Hotels are in the vicinity of the Biennale's main venues and will provide an ideal departure point for visitors eager to explore it. Altis Hotels are also scheduled to host Parallel Events, independent projects by the Portuguese and international creative community, presented within EXD'09.


Ian Anderson / Photo: Shaun Bloodworth (detail)

Communication design heavyweight Ian Anderson of Designers Republic fame is the latest prominent addition to the Biennale's roster of leading collaborators. Ian Anderson will undertake the Creative Direction of the upcoming Biennale's communication, set to take place in the Portuguese capital from 9 September to 8 November and themed "It's About Time".

Ian Anderson's long-standing relation with ExperimentaDesign has been one of the mutual interest and growing proximity. A participant in two previous editions in Lisbon – EXD'01 and '03 – he was most recently a guest speaker at the "Amsterdam Conferences", one of the highpoints of the Biennale's début in the Dutch capital in September 2008.

According to Guta Moura Guedes, Director of EXD "We believe that Ian's strategic vision and creative daring are essential towards the Biennale's new challenges and dynamics in what regards its expanding work platform, strengthening the involvement of designers and critics from around the world."


On March 23, the positive outcome of Experimenta's application to the European Funds concerning its main project, the Biennale ExperimentaDesign was officially announced by the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture of the European Commission.

The proposal submitted under the European Festivals support program was analyzed together with 162 other applications from all over Europe. EXD'09 Lisboa was among the 23 projects selected with a rating of 26.5 points in total to 30, ensuring a financial support of 100.000 euros for the year 2009.

In this way, EXD's international impact and drive in the areas of design, architecture and contemporary culture is once again acknowledged, as well as its role in promoting the mobility of creators and their work at a European level. Among the evaluation's most positive aspects, the Biennale is referred to as an example of "how culture and design can constitute the grounds for a collaborative process between different cultural contexts, on multiple levels". Also noted by the evaluation's panel of experts was that "the increased impact of ExperimentaDesign is largely the result of skilled, high quality work in generating visibility and promotion of its activities, both in terms of planning and communication policy".

Experimenta's latest achievement in Europe further highlights the importance of ExperimentaDesign, to both Portugal and Lisbon, contributing for its long-term consolidation.


Guta Moura Guedes, director of ExperimentaDesign, is participating in the II BTL City-Breaks Internacional Conference, on January 22. Organized by FIL, ATL – Lisbon Tourism Board and Portugal Tourism, this initiative is being held within the 21st edition of BTL – Lisboa Travel Market. The largest tourism trade show held in Portugal, BTL takes place from January 21 to 25 at FIL/Parque das Nações.

The conference is part of an intense programme of reflection and discussion on new methodologies, trends and solutions in the tourism industry in connection to strategic investment, both public and private, in culture, architecture, design and urban rehabilitation.

Themed "Lisbon Design Experiences", Guta Moura Guedes presented the ExperimentaDesign Biennale, the importance of establishing Lisbon and Portugal in the international calendar of major events dedicated to contemporary creativity; the impact of cultural initiatives in generating added value for tourist destinations and their economies and local competitiveness versus the global outlook.

Committed to putting the Portuguese capital and creative community centre stage in the international design scene since 1999, ExperimentaDesign was featured as a success case study in the promotion of Lisbon as a cultural and tourist destination, as well as its brand positioning and differentiation.

For more information check out BTL 2009 programme at www.btl.fil.pt and Lisbon Tourismás site at www.visitlisboa.com.


This year's Biennale edition is showcasing a multidisciplinary rehabilitation project for a Lisbon garden, jointly developed with the Lisbon City Hall. With this initiative, ExperimentaDesign is striving to meet one of its goals: to build a legacy for the city of Lisbon and its inhabitants.

Currently unkempt and underdeveloped, Jardim de Santos - a garden in the Lisbon's Mouraria area - will emerge from this project a fully rehabilitated and revitalized leisure area for local residents and visitors. Occupying 390 m2 in Largo de Santos, the garden is one of the largest public green spaces in a densely populated urban area. Triggering alternative ways of enjoying and experiencing this garden through the creation of a cosmopolitan space that combines greenery and trees, architecture and design.

The renovation plan, formulated jointly by the City Hall and Experimenta, foresees the redesign of the Garden including the design of new urban furniture, play area, signage and a kiosk working as cafeteria and cultural promotion spot. Sound and light design proposals for potentiating the space's functionality are also being researched.

To develop this project was invited a team of Portuguese creative practitioners formed by designer Fernando Brízio, design studio Pedrita, landscape architect João Gomes da Silva, sound designer and musician Rui Gato, light designer José Álvaro Correia and graphic designer António Silveira Gomes.