O impossível, também pode acontecer!
Mariana Faria, Mariana Carapinha
/Action; with the purpose of questioning barriers! This project intends to intervene with simple gestures and call on awareness before the barriers that human beings have originated.

Barriers are the illusion of our frustrations and fears. Reaching an objective, a will, an ambition, an enrichment, without limits, without justice, using any mean for individual gain – this has been the great driving action of power games, in struggles for natural resources and wealth distribution.

Beginning from these questions, we understand that a need to rethink different human values arises, along with the idea that these aren’t only dependent on money - using design as a means for action. The project “/action”, expresses itself in the form of images, posters, instant scratch-offs, and through a performance with the following themes: universal income; status; trade systems, new conceptions of monetary transactions; the tool of thought in society - mass manipulation and mass feeding (sensible, fair and local agriculture).
Design, performance
23 NOV — 22 DEC

Lounging Space
Convento da Trindade
Rua Nova da Trindade, 20
1200-303 Lisboa
Metro Baixa-Chiado
Buses 711, 732, 736, 758
Tram 28E
Train Restauradores, Cais do Sodré
22 NOV / 10:00
30 NOV / from 15:00