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With the EXD'13 opening, the (e) Store also opens its storefront to Lisbon, where the design is the highlight. Unseen objects and young authors’ creations share the space with pieces from renowned national and international designers. Several brands are represented along with serie productions and limited or author editions. The store has its own program with activities that promote the presentation of new pieces and works that reflect enormous creative talents behind the objects. To buy some objects or just for a visit for curiosity, (e) Store opens its doors in the Lounging Space of the Biennale, in Chiado.
Frame It
Illustration Live act in the Window

Coherent with their graphic language, the invited illustrators create a frame within the glass of the window, where it is integrated and interacts with the products that are displayed in the window at the time.

14 NOV   Mariana Cáceres
21 NOV   Luís Guerra
28 NOV   Luís Favas
05 DEC   Carlos Quitério
12 DEC   Rita Ventura
19 DEC   Fita-cola
Presentation of clothing brands

With this initiative the ( e ) store promotes a fashion designer every week, through the presence of a charriot with unique selected pieces that are highlighted within the space during the week, from Monday to Sunday.

11 NOV   Urso Tigre
18 NOV   Ana Brito
25 NOV   Monored
02 DEC   Na lua
09 DEC   Frank & Stein
16 DEC   Melleriko
Something New
FRIDAYS | 18:00
Conference Room

Presentations of people, products and brands, where the approach lies in the concepts of work of each area, story and material. These are presentations where discourse meets physical contact with materials, generating a dynamic and interdisciplinary atmosphere around each brand and their respective products.

29 NOV   3d Spot
06 DEC   Serrote
13 DEC   A Officina
20 DEC   Pura Cal
Flash Sale
SATURDAYS | 18:00-19:00
(e) store

The (e) store promotes a Flash Sale every week, where selected products benefit from a discount, suggested by the author or brand.
Authors & Brands
08 NOV — 22 DEC

Lounging Space
Convento da Trindade
Rua Nova da Trindade, 20
1200-303 Lisboa
T +351 210 993 045
Metro Baixa-Chiado
Buses 711, 732, 736, 758
Tram 28E
Trains Restauradores, Cais do Sodré