Best Portuguese Book Designs
Best Portuguese Book Designs
Best Portuguese Book Designs
“Best Portuguese Book Designs” (BPBD) aims to archive, select and promote books made, designed and produced by Portuguese professionals.

“BPBD” is dedicated to the documentation and promotion of the best examples of book design through an online platform in a continuous growing process, fed by open public submissions of books. At the same time, “BPBD” curates exhibitions covering a selection of the best books produced in a specific time period, followed by the publication of a catalogue, as well as conferences and open talks that represent important events that support the global concept.

“BPBD” also aims to document and promote the best national practices in book design, stimulating interest and discussion among professionals and audience, and to raise the recognition of Portuguese book design on an international level, expressing the quality and enthusiasm of our publishing universe.

In the scope of EXD'13, the project will be announced to the public, with the presence of “BPBD” organizers and the participation of Mário Moura. The event also marks the launch of the online platform, open for submissions both for its archive and for the exhibition taking place during 2014.
Editorial Design
Launch, Opening
14 NOV

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