Como recordar o que nunca aconteceu © AMBAS AS DUAS
Como recordar o que nunca aconteceu
- lugar 0 -
Something that has never taken place is neither true nor false.
Memory can only register an infinitesimal part of what has really taken place and this translates into the truth as we accept it.

Back in 2011 ( phase - 0 - ) we created a project for the non-happening. Now, we propose to conceptually configure the place.
To remember something that never took place we must enter the territory of fiction and proceed to it’s representation.
Memory creates identity, identity becomes reality.

It is in such context that we take on Design as Fiction.

- PLACE 0 -
Imaginary place, open field, unlimited space of primordial fredoom in imagination.
An intervention in the public space on three platforms (89x42cm) on a door that leads to nowhere.

Between the 7th of November and the 22nd of December of 2013, these surfaces will be renewed daily with new images, new reflections, new constructions of that territory.
The photographic records of this construction will be posted daily on this website. These graphic records will be the only way to access this place.

We will poetically transcribe it, and yet keep it indefinable, as it is – a movement simultaneously concealed and revealed, capable of introducing in the daily routine a poetic questioning.
Communication Design
work in progress
07 NOV — 22 DEC

Travessa Dos Mastros 1A
1200-265 Lisboa
24 hours a day
7 days a week