Crossing Between Styles
Crossing Between Styles
Crossing Between Styles
Crossing Between Styles
Crossing Between Styles
Um stencil para explorar a letra
Tipos das Letras
Initially RUHÁ was developed as a teaching tool, allowing for the experiencing of the forms of letters as symbols and carriers of meanings in the context of visual communication. Subsequently RUHÁ established itself as a product, extended to the whole community.

The RUHÁ has the rigidity of the rational Roman du Roi, a typeface curated by Louis XIV (XVII century) for the Imprimerie Royale, for which the academy of typographical sciences developed a model based on geometric proportions. In contrast it is a flexible tool, allowing a piece-by-piece assemblage from a variety of typographic styles. This stencil ruler presents a proposal for a didone typographic model style allowing the development of a variety of complementary versions.

The model is the result of a breakdown / synthesis of elementary forms from the alphabet and their interrelations, allowing the creation of a system that, in the logic of building piece by piece, simplifies the exploration of various typographic.
Design, Typography

Participants: min. 8 / max. 10
Price: 40€ (stencil ruler included)
registration: until 25 of November
informations: Lounging Space infopoint
30 NOV

Lounging Space
Convento da Trindade
Rua Nova da Trindade, 20
1200-303 Lisboa
Metro Baixa-Chiado
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Tram 28E
Train Restauradores, Cais do Sodré
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