Deframed Reconstructed © Tomás Viana
Deframed Reconstructed
Tomás Viana
Deframed Reconstructed presents itself as an exercise in design and execution, using as raw material and subsequently motto, 18th century Portuguese doors, windows and shutters, converting them into pieces of furniture.

As premises for the de-contextualization and conversion of these plain objects and their basic function we propose the use of classic joinery assembly techniques, along with the disclosure of these same techniques by assuming fittings as decorative details and new drawings that present the most modern piece possible without losing the evidence of the objects from which they came.

This exhibition is held in the premises of AKTO, Arts and Krafts Technologies, a new company located in the heart of Lisbon, dedicated to the restoration, preservation and conservation of heritage as well as the design and execution of pieces. This project also works, to an extent, as a leaflet of some of its competencies and its policy of innovation, with great respect for ancestral technologies.
14 NOV — 11 DEC

Akto-Arts and Krafts Technologies
Rua Marcos Portugal 91-C
1200-258 Lisboa
Buses 773, 758, 202
13 NOV / 19:00