Design Sucks
Design Sucks
Design Sucks
Design Sucks
Design Sucks
Flúor Studio, Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo
“Design Sucks” begins as an explosive act, an assembly of lollypops made out of typographic shapes exposed in a museum room.

The choice of the typography is not casual but intentional from a formal and chromatic point of view, starting with a sensorial experience for sight, the sense selected to be stimulated in a first moment. After, we give space for the others senses to taste, smell, listen and feel.

The story told, is up to the observer to understand by using the 5 possible interactions to better learn the sense of this project, that, as the name says, may become frustrating, as “it sucks”. The concept of “No Borders” is also reinforced by this title ambiguity in a clear reference to the lollypop (“suck”).

Since design as a discipline searches above all to be functional and to give the observer/consumer some comfort it would have been negligent if the project Design Sucks didn’t have a didactic component by teaching through shape, colour and taste, how our taste works from a physiologic point of view and at the same time the shapes that influence the taste of food.

“Design Sucks” is a project looking to explore new territories and going beyond borders that seem not to exist after all for the designers and chefs that search for new ways of working under creative partnerships.
Communication Design, Food Design, CUISINE
15 NOV — 14 DEC

Museu Nacional do Desporto
Palácio Foz
Praça dos Restauradores 25-45
1250-187 Lisboa
Metro Restauradores
14 NOV / 19:00
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