inteligência colaborativa inspiradora
Paulo Maldonado
The Inspædia research project is a contribution to support and assist ideation in processes of Innovation and Design. Considering that the brain doesnʼt work linearly, that the success of the processes of innovation and design rests on peopleʼs skills and in the quality of the research developed by them, that collaborative intelligence is more productive than discrete intelligence, that the people who are involved in processes of innovation and design use the Web and that the younger generation use it almost exclusively, and that the available online contents are scattered not counting that in most cases their relevance and accuracy is questionable, we developed the conceptual model Inspædia – neologism that joins “inspiration” and “encyclopædia”.
The resulting prototype reproduces several features of the future platform that will hold knowledge and instigate processes of innovation and design. We made the most of the Web 2.0 and of the enormous potential that networks of people have to readily provide (existing and new) knowledge.

Intelligence, imagination, memory and experience are fundamental for the effectiveness of productive thinking and they need to be continuously stimulated, regardless of the nationality and context of application in the new economic and social paradigm. That Inspædia may be the new “agora” of knowledge workers, young and old, designers, researchers, professors, artists, curators, architects, entrepreneurs, philosophers, engineers, managers, marketeers, politicians, and college students of the 21st century. Et cetera.

Note: The Inspædia conceptual model and prototype were developed for the PhD thesis Innovation, design et cetera. The communication design and UXD are being developed for the post doctorate in Design and the online platform is being developed with the support of the Science Without Borders Program.
08—22 NOV

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