The Space Between
The Space Between
The Space Between
The Space Between
The Space Between
Clube dos Tipos - Joana Monteiro, Paul Hardman
“The Space Between” is an exercise in typography that explores the limits of a given space, using the walls of the gallery like an expanded sheet of A4 paper. We will set our messages full bleed, traversing superficialities, ignoring margins, crossing corners going into an impassable frontier.

When we received the EXD’13 brief, we found ourselves confronted with the old dilemma of designer vs artist. We had the feeling that too much freedom actually prevents productivity. As designers we are used to working within restrictions. We like to play with type, but when using letterpress, it is the limitations of the medium that makes this play possible. So for EXD’13 we have made our own moveable type that will create the possibility of typographic play within our exhibition space.

“The Space Between” is a visual response to a discussion of ideas. Without clients, rules or restrictions what happens to our creative thinking? We drop our ideas to fast, we jump from one thing to another, and we don’t sufficiently test our ideas. Our notebooks are full but we are almost unable to do anything…
Graphic Design, Typography
07—16 NOV

Fabrica Features
Megastore United Colors of Benetton
Rua Garrett 83 4º
1200-466 Lisboa
metro Baixa-Chiado
Buses 202, 758
09 NOV / 18:00